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FARMI 6167

This strong loader has been designed for big trailers (VARIO 121 or PROFDRIVE 12 2WD / 4WD), purpose built forwarders, forest tractors and even for small trucks for road transport.

- Excellent lifting capacity of 61,5 kNm
- Outreach 6,7 m with a single extension boom
- Slewing device with 4 cylinders = plenty of slewing torque (17,4 kNm)
- Several control valve options
- Wide angle joint enables excellent working geometry
- Better centralizing and strong structure by hexaconal extension boom
- Long lifetime
- Flap down support legs as standard

61-serie cranes are often used together with a FARMI chipper (FARMI 380) and as well with other brands of wood chippers.
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Technical data FARMI 6167
Gross lifting torgue, kNm 61,5
Max. reach, m 6,7
Lifting capacity, kg / 4 m 1205
Lifting capacity, kg / max reach 685
Slewing torgue, kNm 17,4
Weight of hydraulic legs, kg 267
Weight (incl.grapple and rotator), kg 1080
Recommend pump capacity, L/min 60 - 100
Working Pressure 195
Control valve (optional EHC) EHC

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