Farmi Forest Oy and Pentin Paja Oy cooperation

Finnish forest technology pioneers Farmi Forest Oy and Pentin Paja Oy are joining forces to provide better customer service in cutting & felling solutions

Farmi Forest Oy and Pentin Paja Oy have signed a cooperation agreement on Pentin Paja manufactured cutting and felling technology solutions sales under Farmi Forest brand. Pentin Paja produced cutting and felling heads and stroke harvesters will be sold through Farmi Forest dealer network globally either as a stand alone products or as complete kits combining the forest crane to a harvester. Pentin Paja will also continue within Scandinavia and Europe with its own Naarva brand.

Janne Häikiö, Development director, Pentin Paja Oy
Mikko Häikiö, Managing director, Pentin Paja Oy
Sami Jerkku, Managing director, Farmi Forest Oy


With the cooperation agreement Farmi Forest tractor related forest management solutions cover now widely all areas of cutting, felling, forest logistics, woodchip producing and firewood processing technologies. Farmi Forest provides forest cranes, trailer combinations, skidding winches, wood chipping technology and now also cutting and felling. Pentin Paja’s Naarva energywood felling heads and stroke harvesters are designed to be installed onto forest cranes. Naarva product range also covers uprooters, fast connectors and firewood processing kits.

Farmi K230 felling head with Farmi 4670 forest crane


Farmi Forest will now be able to offer a complete package with harvester heads and cranes attached in factory settings along with extra accessories such as working lights etc. Customer will receive all this conveniently from one address and can then utilize the crane in multiple applications effortlessly whether working on cutting, felling, uprooting, loading or feeding a wood chipper. Pentin Paja in turns will gain the access to Farmi Forest dealer network to boost its global sales to the new market areas.
Especially at trade fairs customers of Farmi Forest were asking what type of energy wood cutting & felling heads could be installed onto Farmi forest cranes. Pentin Paja was often faced with the same questions on compatibility of their products and forest cranes. It really felt completely logical to provide better service for customers by combining the products into a complete set.

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