FARMI, a pioneer in winch construction, has a series of three-point mounted winches for demanding applications. The development of the FARMI models is based on 50 years of experience in winch construction. Solid construction guarantees a long working life and comfortable operation. High drum storage capacity, uniform winding, light-weight, compact design, reliable function and close attachment are the main features of FARMI skidding winches.The FARMI winch is a safe and high-performance tool that can be used practically in most forest applications.

Farmi has developed for each skidding method, the adequate accessories to carry out your task successfully in all working environments, increasing productivity and obtaining from your tractor its best performance. Farmi have models for winching and skidding of full trees and cut to length logs in all kind of terrain. Available are models with band brake (T) or ratchet.

Some reasons why to choose a FARMI winch:

  • Farmi has a lot of experience, because Farmi is the pioneer of skidding winches since 1963 (hundreds of thousands of winches manufactured in over 50 years)
  • Automatic overrun brake – easy cable handling: guarantees that the wire rope can be easily extracted. In the case of abrupt stops, immediate brake action hinders drum overrun.
  • Good spooling -long distance from upper pulley to drum between the upper pulley is very important for consistent and reliable wire rope winding
  • Wide, robust and well shaped butt plate
  • Reliable clutch in all weather conditions
  • A lot of accessories available