Antti Nikulainen: Great price-quality ratio determined my choice of wood chipper.

When I bought the loader feed CH 260 HF-EL wood chipper, my decision was based on wanting to get homogeneous quality chips that the Farmi Forest wood chippers produce and on the overall great value for money that the company’s products offer. Of course, another important reason was my confidence in a Finnish manufacturer, whose maintenance and spare parts services are always impeccably reliable.

CF260 HF-EL is an extremely efficient wood chipper for general use, and there is no need for a powerful tractor to run the wood chipper. I have a Valtra N121 tractor (134 hp), and the combination works very well. I bought my first Farmi Forest wood chipper in 2004, and I used to run it with a Valtra M120 (118 hp) tractor.

Almost all of the small-sized trees from my own forest end up as chips, which means that most of the felled timber can be used efficiently. Demand for chips has been growing steadily and the price has remained at the same level for the past few years. My annual wood chip production is about 2,000 m3. I produce about 1,500 m3 of wood chip from my own timber, and this heats my own properties, a local garden centre and another couple of properties, I also chip between 500 and 700 m3 for my neighbours.

From my experience using the CF260 HF-EL wood chipper, I would say that it also gives the best results with stems. The size of chips works well in heating systems in farms and single-family homes. This wood chipper would be ideal to be shared with neighbours.

Nikulainen also produces 2,000 m3 wood chips per year, and owns a circular saw unit and a planing mill.