Our efficient cranes are designed for demanding forest harvesting, but they are also suitable for general agricultural use. In our range of cranes, we can always find a model optimised for the customer’s needs. Good lifting capacity, sufficient reach and excellent durability – Farmi Forest cranes have a long service life. We also have a wide range of accessories for the entire collection.

Balanced package and excellent functionality

As with our trailers, our cranes are designed with functionality in mind. The geometry and lifting forces of the cranes are dimensioned so that they can handle the load even on the stack. A well-balanced package is achieved through careful design, with calibrated power and outreach in the right proportion. All slewing units are equipped with four slewing cylinders.

The loader’s grapple is an important factor affecting the usability of the crane. The 021-grapple used in 4-6 tonne cranes is efficient and functional in design. The grapple penetrates the stack well and doesn’t leave the last logs on the lattice. The grapple and pins are made from special steel. Thanks to the reinforced jaws, the grapple can also handle boulders.

The hose connectors for the grapple and rotator are designed so that the hose outlets are protected on the load side. Thus, the hoses do not immediately catch on growing trees or branches when the grapple is put into places with limited visibility.

Our support leg solution is articulated, flap down. As the trailer tilts during loading, the long profile of the articulated leg takes up the tilt. There is more support surface than on the A-leg. In addition, the ground clearance of the articulated support leg is better than that of the A-leg because the articulation point of the leg is close to the trailer body. This point is higher so that it does not stick to rocks and stumps as the trailer tilts.


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