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Felling Heads

Felling Heads

Our felling and stacking heads attached to a hydraulic crane will turn your crane into a harvester, increasing the machine’s use rate and productivity. The felling head transforms your tractor from a skidder into a harvester, which can be used to cut down, chop up and pile the harvested wood for transportation.

Attach a felling head to a tractor or excavator without additional hydraulics
FARMI felling heads are reliable combinations of a pile cutter and loading grapple. They are suitable for all types of clearance and thinning of woods and bushes. You can quickly attach the felling head to your crane’s loading grapple or harvester head without additional hydraulics.

Excellent loading features
The felling head is also brilliantly suited to timber loading. The tree shears tilt to the correct loading position thanks to a cylinder system. As the guillotine mechanism operates on a sliding rail, the cutting blade will never interfere with loading. The blade only becomes exposed when used for cutting wood.


Comfort of use, whatever the weather
The FARMI felling heads are designed to make your work run smoothly and safely. Mechanical harvesting improves the efficiency of work and also makes it more comfortable. Logging runs smoothly with a FARMI harvester whatever the weather. The heated and air-conditioned cab ensures that work is comfortable under any conditions.

Ready-to-use versatile combination packages 
Farmi Forest also provides its customers with handy, ready-to-use packages including a crane and a combination that includes an installed and adjusted stroke harvester, felling head or tree shears and accessories. Our customers get the combination of equipment they want, effortlessly from one place, and can make versatile use of their crane in felling, trimming, loading and even making firewood.

FARMI harvesters use no electricity, which makes them highly reliable. These powerful machines have been particularly developed for cranes on agricultural tractors and small excavators. Our stroke harvester makes it easy to cut pulpwood, energy wood and firewood logs, and the saw cutting feature allows also cutting logs.

The high-quality grapple enables you to significantly increase your productivity. Use the FARMI tree shears with a grapple to cut down, collect, load and chop wood efficiently and safely. You can collect bundles in a vertical position, which makes work run more smoothly and allows you to move your crane less.