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The FARMI harvesters are reliable and effective harvester heads for first thinning. They have been specifically designed to the wood cranes in agricultural tractors and small, 5–8 tonne excavators. Our stroke harvesters can be used to cut pulpwood, energy wood and firewood. The stroke harvester with an integrated saw cutting mechanism can also be used for cutting logs.

Select one of the following FARMI harvesting models that operate without electricity, making them highly reliable

  • stroke harvester SH23 with a guillotine mechanism (max. 23 cm) – can also be used for cutting firewood on-side in a forest
  • stroke harvester SH23 with a saw cutting mechanism (max. 30 cm)

Automated control with relay
The harvester grapple can be equipped with an automated control system sold as an accessory, which makes work easier. The control system turns the direction automatically once the stroking feature reaches its maximum position. The cut is done by changing the valve direction. The control package includes limit sensors, a control relay, a directional control valve, two batteries, and a charger.

Wireless measurement device to improve work efficiency
The FARMI stroke harvester can be equipped with a wireless bluetooth measurement device, which further increases the use possibilities of the harvester – allowing you to also cut sawlogs at a specific length.

Use comfort under any conditions
Working with a FARMI harvester runs smoothly and safely. After all, mechanical wood harvesting increases the comfort of work in addition to its efficiency. Loggers are protected against the elements and can work from the comfort of a warm and air-conditioned cab, whatever the weather.

The right combination for you from one place
We also provide our customers with handy, ready-to-use packages with a crane and a combination that includes an installed and adjusted stroke harvester, felling head or tree shears and accessories. You get the combination of equipment you want effortlessly from one place, and can make versatile use of your crane in felling and trimming timber and loading timber and even in chopping firewood.

This light harvester combines user friendliness with high efficiency. There is no need to add additional hydraulics to your tractor or excavator, and you can perform all movements with the valve in the crane’s loading grapple valve

The SH23 harvester is also available with a quick and efficient saw cutting mechanism, which is excellent for cutting hardwood. The harvester is easy to attach and requires no additional hydraulics or electricity.

The SH23 wood processor chops firewood directly from standing timber. When you equip your SH23 harvester with wedges, you can eliminate unnecessary intermediary stages from the firewood production chain and increase your productivity. Install the wedges easily using just three bolts.