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Tree Shears

Tree Shears

The FARMI tree shears with a grapple are suitable for felling, harvesting, loading and cutting trees. The tree shears significantly increase productivity. Harvesting bunches in an upright position makes work run more quickly and reduces the movements required from the crane. It makes it easy to collect and load tree bunches that are placed by the harvesting track. Standard machines to which the tree shears can be attached include wood cranes, 5–8 tonne excavator loaders, excavators and forestry tractors.

Easy-to-use tree shears with no need for electricity

The tree shears are attached to a loading crane to the place of a loading grapple on a tractor or a log trailer. The tree shears operate with an open/close valve in the grapple, no electricity or radio control required. There is also no need for additional hydraulics. The tree shears are easily attached to a wood crane similarly as a loading crane – all you need are two hoses.

The tree shears are controlled using sequence valves. Using the grapple valve makes the grapple enclose itself around the tree. As pressure increases, the guillotine mechanism cuts through the tree. The grapple tilts into a loading position when you use a “grapple close” feature for an extended time and let the pressure increase.

Quick and strong guillotine mechanism
The shears have an extremely fast guillotine cutting mechanism. It only takes 1.2 seconds to cut a tree with a 24 cm diameter with a 70 l/min oil flow. The guillotine mechanism operates on a sliding rail, which means that the guillotine moves with the wood as it cuts through it, and the great amount of force required by cutting will not cause stress to the body of the tree shears. As the tree shears grip a tree, the cutting blade is an inward position, which means that it will not disturb loading. The guillotine mechanism is easy to maintain, only requiring greasing the nipples. Particular attention was paid to the positions of cylinders and grippers when designing the guillotine. As a result, the entire force of the cylinders can be directed to the tree. This makes the guillotine cutting mechanism both quick as well as extremely strong.

Excellent loading features
The FARMI tree shears are also brilliantly suited for loading timber. The tree shears tilt to the correct loading position thanks to a cylinder system. As the guillotine mechanism operates on a sliding rail, the cutting blade will never interfere with loading. The blade only becomes exposed when used for cutting wood.

The GH24 tree shears are equipped with a quick and strong guillotine mechanism.
The tree shears are attached to a loading crane on a tractor or log trailer, to the place of a loading grapple and all functions are operated with a “grapple open / close” valve. No extra hydraulics or any electricity are needed.

Use the GH24 felling head to easily trim standing trees before felling them, cut down and chop up individual trees, bushes and roadside plants, and loading wood.

The tree shears with a grapple are brilliantly suited for harvesting energy wood, harvesting small scale wood in bunches, and clearing bushes, road sides and field edges.