Felling heads


The felling and stacking heads added to the hydraulic crane turn the crane into a harvester, which increases the machine’s utilisation rate and increases productivity. The felling head transforms the tractor’s skidder into a harvester – a harvester with which one can fell, cut and stack the timber to be harvested for transportation.

Felling head for the tractor or excavator without additional hydraulics

Farmi felling heads are a reliable combination of a cutting grapple and a loading grapple. They are suitable for all types of tree and bush clearing and thinning. The felling head is quick to attach to the crane’s own loading grapple or harvester grapple without additional hydraulics.

Excellent loading features

The felling head also makes timber loading a great success. The energy grapple tilts to the loading position with the help of a cylinder. Since the cutting guillotine is supported by a sliding bar, the cutting blade will never interfere with loading. The blade protrudes only when the timber is cut.

Easy to use regardless of the weather

FARMI felling heads are designed to make the job smooth and safe. Mechanical harvesting improves efficiency while also making it a pleasure to do work. With the FARMI harvester, the work can continue at the logging site while being protected from the weather. From a warm, air-conditioned cab, you can do manual work comfortably in all conditions.

Ready-to-use versatile combination packages

Farmi Forest also offers its customers handy, ready-to-use crane and combination packages, which include a pre-installed and adjusted stroke harvester, felling head or accumulating energy grapple with accessories. The customer can easily get the equipment they want from one place and can utilise their crane in a variety of ways for felling, trimming, loading and even making firewood.


FARMI harvesters do not use electricity and are therefore very reliable. These power machines have been developed especially for cranes on tractors and for small excavators. The stroke harvester succeeds in making pulpwood, energy wood and firewood logs, and for lumber purposes, the logs are also handled smoothly.


With a high-quality grappling claw, you can significantly increase your productivity. The FARMI harvesting energy grapple efficiently and safely handles the felling, collecting, loading and cutting of trees. You can collect bundles in an upright position to speed up the work and reduce crane movements.


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