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Firewood Processors

Firewood Processors

The fastest firewood processors on the market

The Farmi firewood processor range has something to suit all needs, whether you are a professional or simply cutting firewood for your personal needs. Farmi firewood processors are the most comprehensively equipped firewood processors on the market, even in their standard configuration. Our objective is to make firewood production as efficient, easy and safe as possible for you.

Farmi processors can also be equipped with a range of accessories that allow you to work faster and with greater ease. Farmi firewood processors have been created to withstand heavy use in all weather conditions, and regular maintenance will ensure that your machine will have a long, uninterrupted lifespan.

A second-generation firewood processor equipped with a chainsaw fully adaptable to suit your needs as well as comprehensively equipped as standard. Can be powered by a tractor, electric motor or combustion engine. Mounted on a transportation platform suitable for road operation, this firewood processor can be moved easily from one place to another, even attached to a standard car. This makes it a fantastic processor for shared use, for example.

The WP30 firewood processor is designed efficiently chopping pieces of a maximum diameter of 30 cm into firewood with 3.5 or 5.6 t splitting power. Drive by tractor PTO, gasoline engine or electric engine. Available also with mobile platform with trailer.

The WP36 is one of the more powerful models, chopping pieces of a maximum diameter of 36 cm into 0–8 pieces with an automatically adjusted splitting force of 2–8 t. Drive by tractor PTO, gasoline engine or electric engine.

The WP36 HC’s frame height can also be modified to ensure an ergonomic working position. Hydraulic chainsaw control, height adjustment of the splitting blade and a hydraulic feed roller make working with this processor efficient and enjoyable.

WP Super is an automatic firewood processor featuring a cutting blade. All you have to do is place the end of a log onto the feed rollers and let the machine do the rest.

WP30 GO! combines the convenient mobility and efficient and consistent firewood processing of Farmi firewood processors in an entirely new way. Transportable by car, Farmi WP30 GO! features a comprehensive range of features as standard and is designed to withstand all weather conditions.