WP36 | Farmi Forest



Power and efficiency
The WP36 is one of the more powerful models, chopping pieces of a maximum diameter of 36 cm into 0–8 pieces with an automatically adjusted splitting force of 2–8 t. Using the separate splitting function, you can also split larger logs or once-halved pieces into smaller pieces.

Automatic splitting force adjustment ensures high output
The splitting force and speed on the WP36 firewood processors adjusts automatically depending on the size and hardness of the processed wood. By changing the blade, it is possible to split in 2, 4, 6 or 8 parts. With the unique splitting mechanism, you can saw and split multiple small trees at the same time! The WP36’s feature also the optional separate splitting function which allows you to use the machine like a horizontal wood splitter.

Fast firewood production
The laterally turning conveyor enables you to discharge firewood into three large sacks, for example, without moving the machine. The open structure underneath the splitting unit allows for sawdust and other by-products to pass through and avoids any build-up inside the machine.

Comfortable to use
The WP36’s frame height can also be modified to ensure an ergonomic working position. The processor is made even more comfortable to use by the hydraulic log lifter and log deck that are available as accessories.

Behind a tractor or on a mobile platform
WP36 fits your needs. It can use a tractor power-take-off (PTO) or be equipped with a gasoline or an electric engine. It is also possible to combine the PTO drive with an engine. Folding shaft and conveyor make transportation easy. An optional mobile platform can be acquired to transform the WP36 into a trailer.

Comprehensive standard features
Features that allow you to work more efficiently and come as standard:

  • Automatic splitting force adjustment
  • Patented V-shaped feeding table
  • Auto-lubricated chainsaw
  • Height adjustment of the machine
  • Laterally turning conveyor, 4 m