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W14 C

W14 C

The W14 C is a hydraulic winch attached to a loader boom, carriage partitions, skidder etc. Thanks to its hydraulic mechanism, this winch is extremely fast. Because of the radio control used for operating the winch, winching can be smoothly carried out by one person. The radio control can be used at a 50-metre distance.

Technical detailsW14 C
Tractive power max., t1.4
Cable capasity O mm / max. M6 / 40
Drawing in speed, m/s0.45
Weight without cable, kg45
Power demand, L/min30
Remote controlStandard
Guide pulleyStandard
  • 1.4-tonne tractive force
  • 40 m / 6 mm of wire
  • drawing speed 0.45 m/s
  • weight 45 kg

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