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W30 F

W30 F

The W30 F is a handy and small hydraulic 3-tonne winch which can be attached to the nose of a tractor or some other heavy machinery equipped with hydraulics. Our W30 F winches can be used for winching tree trunks as well as in other utility work in the agricultural and forestry sector.

Technical detailsW30 F
Line pull, max., t3.0
Cable capacity O mm / max. M8 / 50
Winching speed, m/s0.28–0.8
Weight without the cable, kg140
Dimensions700 mm, 570 mm, 300 mm
Hydraulic motor, cm3160
Lower diverting pulleyStandard
  • 3-tonne tractive force
  • also works as a front weight to a tractor (170 kg with a wire)
  • also works as a rescue winch
  • compact structure
  • upper and lower pulley as standard equipment

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