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Despite its small size, the CH18 disc model wood chipper is a powerful tool for landscaping involving wicker, branches and tree tops. The infeed chute has been equipped with a hydraulic feed roller, which rotates on its own hydraulic engine. The feed roller makes it easy to bring branches to the blades. The wood chipper inlet is 18 cm x 22 cm.

You can also process trimmed trunks into high-quality energy wood chip. The recommended rotation speed for the wood chipper is 1,000 rpm at power take-off. This allows achieving sufficient blowing power, wood chip with consistent quality, and better yield. The chip size can be adjusted to 10 mm, 12 mm and 14 mm.

Technical detailsCH18
Output, m3/h5–20
Thickness of chip, mm10, 12, 14
Max. log diameter, mm180
Power demand, kW30–70
Speed of rotation, rpm540 / 1000
Number of knives, pc2
Chipper weight, kg320–410
Rotor diameter, mm670
Rotor weight, kg100–110
Three-point mountingStandard
Discharge pipe turning, degrees360

Belt gear to improve power available as an accessory
For tractors with take-off of just 540 rpm, a belt gear can be purchased as an accessory. The belt gear doubles the rotor’s rotational speed.

New CH18 model conforming to the new standard for wood chippers
The new CH18 chipper was manufactured according to the latest EN 13525 standard for wood chippers. The wood chipper meets the criteria of the standard regarding the distance between the infeed chute and blades, which must be at least 1,500 mm. The infeed chute’s bottom must be at least 600 mm above the ground surface. The wood chipper has been equipped with the Smart Feed rotation control system that has electronic kill switch. A “No stress” function will stop the feeding mechanism and perform a short reverse motion. The purpose of the reversal is to release wood from the blades. The Smart Feed system also has an automatic pressure reversal mechanism that reduces feeding failures and makes work run more smoothly.

Also available with manual feed control
The CH18 wood chipper can also be delivered with a manual feed control mechanism and simple hydraulics to the markets not applying the new wood chipper standard. In this case, the users control the infeed chute with a manual control handle.