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The CH27 wood chipper has been designed for manufacturing clean energy chip with consistent quality out of solid wood, trimmed trunks, or slabs. Use this wood chipper to efficiently produce high-quality fuel for the heating installations at farms, machine sheds, companies as well as municipal facilities. The wood chipper is also a great fit for seasonal construction work or collaborative use.

Up to 50% more productivity without a need for additional power
The CH27 wood chipper series design involved refining the best features of our bestselling wood chipper series, CH260, to a new level. We have developed numerous technical and structural updates to further improve the productivity, safety and comfort of use of the chippers.

Our CH27 wood chipper can chip 270 mm stem wood and is available in three different versions: with a feed conveyor, roll feeder, and manually operated 90-degree direct roll feeder. Whichever chipping solution you choose, the FARMI three-stage chipping technology guarantees efficiency, high-quality and uniform wood chip production.

High productivity and efficiency – safely and effortlessly


  • new strong and more durable body structure ensures lower operating costs
  • enforced bearing, rolls and swing mechanism
  • extension to feeding desk also for crane-fed roll feeders
  • improved efficiency with optimal feeding geometry


  • safe and ergonomic lowering of the exhaust chute to transport position
  • legs compatible with forklift truck forks as standard equipment
  • updated, active and passive safety features for operators with new safety handles and an additional kill switch

Comfort of use

  • directional valves and electric control easy to maintain with optimal placement
  • hydraulics protected with covering
  • longer lifecycle with Hardox steel durable against wear and abrasion
  • precise wood chip control using a control flap with dual adjustment
  • a tool box integrated to the machine body to allow easy maintenance
  • Smart Feed control system in all models 
  • automatic pressure reversal mechanism – reduces feeding failures and makes crane operation run more smoothly.
  • optional FARMI Parts maintenance kits provide optimal maintenance for your chipper

CH27 wood chipper with manual feed (DMR)

  • manual feeding, hydraulic direct feeding
  • 90-degree direct feeding with two rolls
  • high-quality chip for landscaping or fuel chips
  • Smart Feed control system
  • automatic pressure reversal mechanism

CH27 wood chipper with a roll feeder (DMR)

  • crane feed, extension to feeding desk, wide angle feed
  • 2-roll feed, at a 55-degree angle on a longer feeding desk
  • Smart Feed control system
  • automatic pressure reversal mechanism

CH27 wood chipper with a conveyor feeder (DMR)

  • crane feed, chain conveyor L = 1,400 mm, angled feed
  • 2-roll feed at a 55-degree feeding angle
  • Smart Feed control system
  • automatic pressure reversal mechanism
Technical detailsCH27 ACRCH27 ACCCH27 DMR
Application: bioenergy
Output, m3/h10–6010–7010–25
Thickness of chip, mm5–255–255–25
Max. log diameter, mm270270270
Power demand, kW40–11540–11540–115
Speed of rotation, rpm540 / 1000540 / 1000540 / 1000
Number of knives, pc222
Chipper weight, kg1 1501 4161 144
Rotor diameter, mm1 0361 0361 036
Rotor weight, kg240240240
Three-point mountingStandardStandardStandard
Discharge pipe reach, short / long, m3 / 3.93 / 3.93 / 3.9
Discharge pipe side transition, m2.85 / 3.52.85 / 3.52.85 / 3.5
No stressStandardStandardStandard
Twig breakerStandardStandardStandard
AccessoryCH27 ACRCH27 ACCCH27 DMR
Smart Feed electricsxxx
HD50 hydraulic unitxxx
Electric motor platform for 55–75 kW motorsxxx
3-point support base for cranexx
Cross breaker for slabsxxx
BC30, 2-wheeled belt conveyorx
T500, 2-wheeled chipper / crane platformxx

Accessories for FARMI wood chippers

Farmi BC30

BC30 flat conveyor feeder system on wheels makes crane-fed wood chipping run smoothly and easily. The conveyor is compatible with the CH27 ACR and CH260 HF-EL/EM wood chipper models.

Farmi T500

T500 wood chipper platform trolley is necessary when the wood chipper and crane combination is too heavy for a tractor. This solution is compatible with the FARMI crane models CR47, CR67 and CR69.