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CH38 is a 4-blade disc chipper designed for efficient and professional manufacturing of wood chip for bioenergy with a 380 x 420 mm infeed chute. The wood chipper can be adjusted to produce chips sized 10–30 mm. The optimal disc rotation speed is 800 rpm.

The machine’s energy efficient LS hydraulic unit controls the infeed chute, rotation of the exhaust chute (4.1 m) and flap, and hydraulic easing of the upper roll. The LS hydraulics enable precise control of the speed of the infeed chute. For safety reasons, tractor hydraulics are used to control opening the upper casing and raising/lowering of the feed conveyor. The CH38 model also has a Smart Feed control system with a pressure reversal mechanism.

The steel feed conveyor makes it easy to process short sticks and chipping residue. The feed conveyor can be elevated during transportation using hydraulics, and lowered back down once work continues. At maximum capacity, the wood chipper can achieve 100 m3/h hourly production.

The CH38 wood chipper has been designed for contracting and professional use.
  • The chipper has a steel feed conveyor for crane feed.
  • A roll feeder machine is also available for chipping solid wood and trimmed trunks.
  • The chip is suitable for small stokers and large heating plants.
The wood chipper uses the FARMI three-stage chipping technology:
  1. cutting blades
  2. opposing blades
  3. twig crusher
Technical detailsCH38 
Application: bioenergy  
Output, m3/h30–70 
Thickness of chip, mm10–30 
Max. log diameter, mm380 
Power demand, kW125–180 
Speed of rotation, rpm540 / 1 000 
Number of knives, pc4 
Chipper weight, kg2 450 
Rotor diameter, mm1 460 
Rotor weight, kg600 
Three-point mountingStandard 
Discharge pipe reach, short / long, mStandard 
Discharge pipe turning, degrees300 
No stressStandard 
Twig breakerStandard 

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