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Farmi CR89

Farmi CR89

CR89 is an efficient and high-performance crane with two extensions. The crane range is 9.0 m, gross lifting moment 75 kNm and turning force 19 kNm. The crane’s lifting capacity is 4 m / 1,160 kg, 440 kg at the maximum extent. 85% of SSAB’s Stenx high strength steel has been used on the booms. A robust and powerful die cast gear house. The oil drain cap makes maintenance easy. Standard equipment includes welded installation sockets for a crane winch and electrically controlled valve on the side of the crane boom. The crane’s standard equipment also includes a lift cylinder cover. The hosing for the double extension is inside the extension. Rotator hoses are well protected at the boom end. Adjustable slide pieces in the sides.

The PTK021 grapple has a functional design. The flanged model rotator enables providing protection to the grapple hoses. The grapple penetrates stacks efficiently and does not turn the final logs to a grid formation. Grapple opening 1,350 mm.

The wood crane has flap down legs with a three-point hitch. The flap down legs create a sturdy basis for using the crane when the legs are in the downward position. An appropriate leg structure and the legs’ long head board provide excellent stability during tilting. There are cylinder covers on both sides of the legs. Bidirectional lock valves. All cranes have the same 175 mm x 175 mm bolt pattern in the slewing unit.

Valves: on/off, hydraulic pilot control Hydrocontrol 80 l/min or electronic control Hydrocontrol EX38 (150 l/min) + X-Crane control system.

Compatible FARMI trailers: FT13, FT14, FT15.

Technical detailsCR89
Max outreach, m9
Gross lifting torque, kNm, 190 bar75
Slewing torque, kNm19
Slewing angle, o380
Weight, kg**1210
Cross linkCL8045
Lifting cylinderØ115/70
Folding cylinderØ100/56
Extension cylinderØ50/35
Recommended pump capacity, l/min60–120
**excluding link, rotator, grapple and valve