In our extensive range of woodchippers you will find models for both bioenergy and landscaping applications. FARMI chippers have been designed with ease of use, productivity and, of course, safety in mind. The chippers are available as manual feeders and crane feeders. The smallest manual feed models are designed for landscaping chips and the crane-fed models for energy chips.

The chippers will consume anything that you feed into the inlet. The CH10 and CH18 chippers are suitable for trimming branches, twigs and tree tops. With enough rounds in the CH18 chipper, you can produce good quality fuel chips from the lopped tree limbs.

The CH27 and CH38 size class of chippers are manufactured with 2-blade rotors. Thanks to the rotor configuration and the additional blades in the chipper casing and at the mouth of the discharge chute, the result is chips that are clean and high quality.

Clean and consistent chips are obtained by three-step wood chipping. Thus, the wood chips are cut in the following three steps:

  1. The cutting blades remove the chip from the wood.
  2. The additional blades / counter blades ensure the crushing of the chips.
  3. Stick crusher / power crusher prevents long wood pieces from entering the discharge chute.

FARMI chippers are also known in the market as one of the best and most productive chipper units in their size class.

All of our chippers, except the manual feed CH27 model, have a wide feeding angle, which reduces the need for power. As the wood is fed at an angle to the blade disc, the cutting operation requires less power than a more direct feed.

With the exception of the CH10 chipper, the other models have an adjustable chip size. In the CH27 and CH38 chipper, the adjustment is made by moving the blade holders.

By purchasing your own chipper, you can make your chips when it suits you best. You are not dependent on others’ schedules or on rental machines.


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